Aug 14–Sep 26
Hope Kroll, Go Fish, 2021, hand cut paper collage, three dimensional. Colorful drawings of fantastical fish with background of handwritten notes on parchment.


This exhibition features the artwork of seven artists who all use paper materials as a primary medium. As with the intrinsic subject matter of art, the paper incorporated into these artworks is often directly sourced from the artists’ lives, found during experiences, adventures, or from their immediate surroundings. Many artists explore ideas of memory, the self, or the mundane, all through the enormously accessible material. From a Commonplace is hosted in partnership with the Central Coast Craftmakers.


Image credits
Banner: Lauren Raybrun, Untitled, 2020, mixed media. Top image: Hope Kroll, Go Fish, 2021, hand-cut paper collage, three-dimensional.

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