The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art is located in downtown San Luis Obispo on the west end of Mission Plaza, at the heart of the city’s cultural corridor. SLOMA is committed to an exhibition program that brings together visual artists from around the world with renowned artists from California and the US. With free admission and monthly events, SLOMA is the heart of the Central Coast’s arts community, serving as both a gathering place for the community and an essential stop for visitors.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Art Matters: We enrich our community by using art as a doorway to deeper insight and connection.

Bringing people together through art.

We take risks and push limits
We create experiences that challenge biases and illuminate the issues of our time.

We bring people together
Relationships are at the core of everything we do: with artists, audiences, staff, communities, and donors.

We are a safe place of belonging
Being open, kind, vulnerable, and empathetic is central to who we are.

We value curious minds and joyful hearts
We create a space for exploration, playfulness, and diverse ways of knowing ourselves and the complex world around us.

Approved by the Board of Directors Feb 2023.

Land Acknowledgement

The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art (SLOMA) respectfully acknowledges and honors Indigenous communities, including yak tityu tityu yak tiłhini Northern Chumash Tribe, whose homeland includes the unceded land that was taken from them without consideration, agreement, or compensation. This is the ground on which SLOMA stands.

San Luis Obispo Indigenous history includes pain, devastation, and violence that continues to inform the present and future. SLOMA is committed to building relationships with yak tityu tityu yak tiłhini and Native American peoples through education, arts programming, exhibitions, and community outreach.

We recognize our responsibility as guests of this land to provide a space to gather and to honor the historical and sacred connections to the region.

Approved by the Board of Directors Mar 2023.

Appraisals and Authentication

The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art does not provide appraisal, authentication, or conservation/restoration services. Below is a select list of references that may be helpful if you are in need of these services. This list is for informational purposes only; SLOMA does not endorse any of the references provided.

Occasionally, our friends at the Fresno Art Museum hold Valuation Days. Click here for more information.

Photo credit: Heraldo Creative Studio