IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access

SLOMA is committed to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) in all aspects of our work. We have a responsibility to build authentic and affirming relationships with members of every community we serve. We are committed to creating welcoming spaces that foster safety and belonging within our museum and gathering places.

We define Inclusion as the ongoing and intentional work to ensure SLOMA is a welcoming space for visitors, volunteers, artists, and staff of all backgrounds, identities, abilities, and cultural beliefs. The mere presence of difference alone does not ensure inclusion; Inclusion requires people to value, respect, and accept diversity.

We define Diversity as the representation or the presence of difference (including but not limited to race and ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, language, culture, national origin, religion, age, (dis)ability status) and value difference/diversity for the positive impact it can make in any organization or community.

We define Equity as promoting fair and just treatment of all community members by identifying and removing structural barriers that have prevented the full participation of historically and currently underrepresented groups. Tackling equity issues requires an understanding of the underlying or root causes of outcome disparities within our society.

We define Access as the design of programs, products, devices, services, or environments with the goal of meeting the needs of all visitors, volunteers, artists, and staff to ensure full participation in SLOMA programming.

Approved by the Board of Directors May 2022

The SLOMA staff and board recognize that we have more work to do to meet these IDEA goals. If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about our IDEA initiative, please contact SLOMA’s Executive Director, Leann Standish.

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