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Erin LeAnn Mitchell: Calafia was Here


The 2nd annual mural project painted on the exterior walls of the Museum, this artwork was inspired by the legend of Calafia and emphasizes the often forgotten role of Black women throughout history.

Imprinted: Printmaking and Portraiture

Mar 18–May 23, 2022

The act of printmaking itself is intimate, from the laborious processes such as woodcarving, acid etching, and meticulous ink application, to the revealing of an image from a plate. Similarly, portraiture has an individualistic, intimate, and vulnerable nature to it.

Poem of the Body: David Limrite & Lena Rushing

Apr 1–May 29, 2022

An exhibition of paintings exploring the symbolism and interpretations of the female body, featuring Central Coast artists Lena Rushing and David Limrite