Board of Directors


Barbara Bell
Barbara Bell
Board Member Ermina Karim
Ermina Karim
Vice President
SLOMA Board Member Cheryl Cuming
Cheryl Cuming
Board Member Trudie Safreno
Trudie Safreno

Board Members

Charles Crotser
Charles Crotser
Portrait of John Dunn
John Dunn
Charles Feltman
Portrait of Board Member Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson
Portrait of Jennifer Petty
Jennifer Petty
David Richards
Portrait of Board Member Sandi Sigurdson
Sandi Sigurdson
Philip Williams
Philip Williams


Telephone: (805) 543-8562

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SLOMA Executive Director, Leann Standish
Leann Standish
Executive Director
SLOMA Chief Curator & Director of Education, Emma Saperstein
Emma Saperstein
Chief Curator & Director of Education
SLOMA Operations & Collections Manager, Erica Ellis
Erica Ellis
Operations & Collections Manager
SLOMA Preparator, Taylor Owens
Taylor Owens
SLOMA Visitor Services Manager, Lena Rushing
Lena Rushing
Visitor Services Manager
SLOMA Administrative Assistant, Rowan Waters
Rowan Waters
Administrative Assistant
Mac Wilkinson
Curatorial Assistant
Photo of Hailey Choi, SLOMA's summer 2023 intern. A young woman in a black button down shirt, black cami, and black pants smiles in front of a mural of hills
Hailey Choi
Summer 2023 Intern
SLOMA's fierce security dog, Sophie, a black terrier puppy with her head cocked to the side and an investigative gaze.
Sophie Standish
Security & Pawblic Relations
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