PC.141 Doron Gazit The Red Line: Laguna Lake
Accession Number: PC.141
Artist: Doron Gazit
photograph on dibond, 15.5 x 20 inches

Los Angeles-based artist and industrial designer Doron Gazit is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. His work, its scale, and his choice of materials and settings reference the interface of nature, technology, and industry with a modern sensibility and playfulness. Mr. Gazit has installed a large number of environmental artworks throughout the world, including the Negev Desert in Israel, Santa Monica Beach in California, Tokyo, Mexicali, and Dubai. Mr. Gazit considers these temporary installations as literal extensions of the act of drawing and prefers to refer to these sculptures as “lines.” His method of intervention is to bring our full attention to the landscape, not to obscure it.

Doron Gazit draws the line not only on the sand, but on the water and in the air. He draws it not with a pencil, but with a package – a self-contained, 3-dimensional, bio-neutral tube traversing landscape space to whose transformation he wants to bring our attention. Mr. Gazit gives special emphasis to the ongoing water shortages experienced throughout California, highlighting the (often dramatic) reduced water levels in local lakes, reservoirs, and streams in his installations.

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