Remembering Things Never Seen #2
Accession Number: PC.140
Artist: Patrick Mehaffy
Wood, Cloth, Paper, acrylic medium, dry pigment, dirt

Patrick Mehaffy wrote the following notes on Remembering Things Never Seen #2:

“Part of my work in the studio during 2015 and 2016 has been a series of nine pieces titled Remembering Things Never Seen. Working in a series is a rewarding approach because the artist has multiple opportunities to explore the subtleties of both composition and subject with the chosen structure of earlier pieces in the series. As the dialogue between artist and work continues, the artist’s goal is to balance refinements of ideas and execution of later pieces with the freshness and originality of the earlier pieces. Each piece in the series is frequently revisited, and none of the pieces are considered truly completed until all, as a body of work, are completed.

A word about materials. I have used dirt as a medium for many years. I like the suggestive possibilities of using something as common as dirt to make art. I also appreciate the inherent humor of using something dug from the earth; the pigment in fine artists’ paint does, after all, come from the same source. The dirt on this piece is black Los Osos sand.”

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