Cat House Book 2014
Accession Number: PC.127
Artist: Paul LaRiviere
Three color linocut

Paul LaRiviere is a printmaker who has extensive experience working with etching, woodblock, linocut, lithography, and monoprint media He graduated from California State University at Los Angeles with a Master’s Degree in fine art and psychology and obtained registration as an art therapist. Paul retired from the California Department of Corrections as a Correctional Counselor and lives in Morro Bay. He has been the art curator for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of San Luis Obispo from March 2005 through April 2015. Paul has also co-chaired the Central Coast Printmakers, afffiliated with the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

In 2015 he wrote, “I am currently interested in playing with prints in a three dimensional format. The paper used in printmakings lends itself beautifully to folding, cutting and manipulating to make interesting shapes. The new structures become books to read in a differnet way, which makes the prinmaking more dynamic.”

Cat House Book was shown in SLOMA’s 2014 juried exhibition Pushing the Limits. The three color linocuts have been cut and re-assembled to make three different images which change as the viewer moves from right to left or left to right. Two colors have been cut and glued together with linen strips to make a fin and attached to the third color by means of a slit in the print. The fins are moveable to allow for flat storage.

Donated by Paul LaRiviere.

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