PC.145 Robert Chapman, Broken Wing
Accession Number: PC.145
Artist: Robert Chapman
pastel on 300 lb Arches paper, 22 x 29 inches

Robert Chapman had a one-man exhibition at SLOMA in 2010 entitled Perfect Stranger.

At that time J. LaBarbera, Ph.D, the guest curator and art historian, wrote. “Robert Chapman is an artist of profound depth and breadth. He possesses an uncanny ability to mine the depths of his psyche, creating works of art which invite the viewer to give free rein to his own innate responses… While one piece may invite the visual penetration of varying planes of space, another may tempt the eye to skate upon its arabesque or interwoven surface rhythms… The variety of diversity of his work speaks to a breadth born of a life devoted to art. From the artist’s earliest introduction to the oil medium at the age of ten, through his academic training, intensive study of the Old Masters, efforts at self-discovery, and his ultimate liberation initiated in Surrealism, a formidable talent emerged. A subsequent ten-year sojourn in the Hamptons studio of the Abstract Expressionist master Willem de Kooning has honed and burnished the artistic gifts of a man who continues to create an oeuvre of enviable breadth….Robert Chapman is a alchemist. He invokes the richness of the subconscious and blends it with a world view that reveres nature, capturing the essence of both…”

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