Mar 31 - Apr 29, 2021
A walk-through installation covered in psychedelic floral designs


Visit San Luis Obispo’s historic Mission Plaza and experience Through the Flowers, an immersive outdoor environment created by Los Angeles based artist Laurie Shapiro. Using drawn screenprints and layers of painting on transparent vinyl, this installation invites visitors to step inside this dream-like, luminous room. With both sides of the artwork rich in layers of color and paint, as well as a custom-lit interior, the artist encourages visitors to enjoy a playful and imaginative experience where you can look and interact with each other “through the flowers.”

The vibrant, immersive installation is the first of a series of month-long activations that will be adorning Mission Plaza through summer. Due to the great enthusiasm over the holidays with the Mission Plaza activations, the City is extending the art installations with a brand new program — Plaza Pop-Ups. Each Plaza Pop-Up will feature a different cultural nonprofit who, through funding by the City, will create an art installation unique to the nonprofit’s mission.

About the Artist:
Laurie Shapiro’s large-scale, mixed media paintings can be viewed from the wall or in an otherworldly setting where she creates installations you can walk inside. Her work is often driven by an insatiable need to inquire about the nature of how we perceive the world. Fascinated by color and process, Shapiro initially builds her paintings by screenprinting stencils of her drawings and applying them to materials like fabric or vinyl, which she then brings to life with layers of painting. When viewed up close, one can see the intricate details of her screenprinted drawings.

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A limited edition of 25 screenprints on transparent vinyl are available for purchase through SLOMA’s online store. A portion of proceeds benefit SLOMA’s programs.

Members of the Press can find a press release for Through The Flowers by clicking here.

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