Nov 19, 2022 – Mar 5, 2023
Andrea Bowers "Womxn-Women," 2018 lightbox and neon. Courtesy Jessica Silverman. Red and blue neon letters spell "Womxn" before a dark background with a pink rose


The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes to deeply reconsider our relationship to our working lives, our relationships, and our domestic spaces. The renegotiation of spaces within homes forced people to work in between managing their children’s virtual learning and domestic tasks once simple were now complex. Now working from home, workers discovered just how much they could get done from home. Organizations reconsidered possibilities of efficiency and flexibility for their staff while healthcare workers, delivery drivers, and postal workers became our heroes. The whole world suffered unexplainable grief from the loss of loved ones, often grieving while still in isolation.

The works gathered in this exhibition reflect on the unique and intimate experiences of the artists who made them — and welcome questions of how we achieve balance in our entangled lives of domesticity and productivity. The works included here reflect on the complex entanglements of home life, working life, and the often unseen labors that have emerged in a pandemic era. Not designed to be exhaustive or all-encompassing, this show invites the public to go inwards, reflecting on the overlappings of home and work, and all that is in between.

Included Artists: Phoebe Boswell, Geoffrey Chadsey, Allana Clarke, Kate Barbee, Sophia Narrett, Judy Chicago, Woody de Othello, Chiffon Thomas, Mary Kelly, Andrea Bowers, Emmett Moore, Greg Scott, and Brandy Eve Allen.

Banner image: Andrea Bowers Womxn-Women, 2018, lightbox and neon. Courtesy Jessica Silverman.

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