Nov 19, 2022 – Mar 5, 2023
Andrea Bowers "Womxn-Women," 2018 lightbox and neon. Courtesy Jessica Silverman. Red and blue neon letters spell "Womxn" before a dark background with a pink rose


Home/Work presents the work of fourteen contemporary artists whose work together questions our collective experiences of home. The works gathered in this exhibition reflect on the unique and intimate experiences of the artists who made them — and invite us to consider how we achieve balance in our busy lives of making home and making work. Not designed to be exhaustive, this show invites the public to consider their own experiences, reflecting on the overlap of home and work, and all that is in between. Including new works by emerging artists, and recontextualized works by world-renowned leading feminist artists, this exhibition asks the timely question: what does home mean to you?

Participating artists include: Brandy Eve Allen, Zalika Azim, Kate Barbee, Phoebe Boswell, Andrea Bowers, Allana Clarke, Geoffrey Chadsey, Judy Chicago, Mary Kelly, Emmett Moore, Sophia Narrett, Woody de Othello, Greg Scott, and Chiffon Thomas. Learn more about the artists of Home/Work here.

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Jan 18, 4–6 PM: Book Sculpture Workshop with Home/Work artist Chiffon Thomas. Click here for more information and registration. Limited to 15 participants.

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SLOMA holds new group exhibit, ‘Home/Work.’ New Times, Caleb Wiseblood. Nov 10, 2022.

Banner image: Andrea Bowers Womxn-Women, 2018, lightbox and neon. Courtesy Jessica Silverman.

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