Oct 7 – Nov 28, 2022
Nina Temple, Tongariro, 2018, fired and painted clay. An amorphous neon green blob reminiscent of two figures embracing


Until the twentieth century, sculpture was mostly figurative, meaning it resembled something real like the human figure or items from nature. With the advent of modernist art movements – such as Cubism and Impressionism – artists began to depart from traditional arts forms, exploring new expressions and modes of creating visual art. One such shift was abstract art. Using shapes, colors, lines, and forms as the foundation of their compositions, artists began to conjure imagery from their imaginations, sensations, or spiritualities that didn’t necessarily reflect something found in the visual world. This departure from tradition and representational art also allowed for artists to explore new mediums, using which ever materials they deemed necessary to recreate their visions.

As with the early abstract sculptors, the artists in this exhibition too depart from traditional applications of their mediums and explore the different ways in which something new can be revealed through shaping, stressing, and altering material. As much as these artists have an inner dialogue with themselves, they also have a dialogue with the material, paying attention to the movements, colors, and textures it reveals and allowing for the material to have say in its final form.

The artists on display in this exhibition are members of the Central Coast Sculptors. Participating artists: Nina Temple, Ken Wilbanks, Gary Marsh, and Mark Danitschek.

Related Programming
Opening reception on Friday, October 7 from 5-8 PM in conjunction with Art After Dark. Free and open to the public.

Banner image: Nina Temple, Tongariro, 2018, fired and painted clay

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