Recorded February 13, 2023

SLOMA welcomed researcher Danielle Stevenson and Dirty Laundry artist Minga Opazo as they discussed the possibilities of mushrooms as organisms, decomposers, and alternative materials to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. The event was sold out so if you missed the talk, you can watch the recording here for free!

Danielle Stevenson is a multidisciplinary applied environmental scientist with 15 years of experience in research, design, implementation and management of food, agriculture, waste and remediation projects. She is the founder and director of D.I.Y. Fungi (since 2012) offering mycological education, consultation, mushroom cultures, and mycoremediation and waste management research in North America and beyond. Danielle is currently a PhD candidate in Environmental Toxicology at University of California, Riverside, where she studies fungi in soil remediation and sustainable agriculture.

Minga Opazo: Presented in Dirty Laundry, Opazo’s woven textile sculptures are a result of ongoing research and collaboration between the artist and mycelium organisms. The sculpture’s outer layer is made of recycled garment weavings handmade by Opazo, while the inside of the sculpture has been filled with oyster mushroom mycelium. During the course of this exhibition, the mycelium will digest the fibers and make its way through the sculpture, steadily growing over the coming weeks and eventually producing mushrooms. Born in Chile and based in Los Angeles, Opazo is a fourth-generation textile crafter who explores the relationship between climate change, contemporary textile production, and Chilean textile history and design. Her practice is dedicated to researching and studying this industry further and to creating work that exposes, reflects, and finds a solution to the current situation of our broken system.

Danielle Stevenson headshot. A woman with shoulder-length red hair, wearing a denim blue buttoned shirt

Danielle Stevenson

Minga Opazo headshot. A woman with long blonde hair, wearing a white t shirt and white pants, sits on a white armchair surrounded by colorful textile art

Minga Opazo

The exhibition Dirty Laundry and associated programs were generously sponsored by:

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