On January 7 & 8, SLOMA was proud to partner with the Movement Arts Collective to present Spira: a special 2-day series of performances and workshops at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

About the performances and workshops
Maartje Hermans’ Spira is a dance shaped and inspired by Mark di Suvero’s sculpture Mamma Mobius, its swirling shape and positive and negative space, but also its rough cuts and material heaviness. Hermans says, “I see it as a merging of two forms, the elemental and the human. Spirals can go both up and down, just like our lives can go up and down. I also was fascinated by the fact that Mamma Mobius is cut from one piece of steel, that its cuts go in many directions but in the end form a whole, much like how we as people can go in many directions but in the end form one whole interconnected being, independent of time, or birth, or death.”

The dance featured 4 dancers from the Movement Arts Collective and is set to music from various artists and genres.

On Saturday, January 8, Ryan Lawrence provided guided movement workshops for people of all ages and abilities.  In the workshop, dancers focused on how we can appreciate the sculpture through movement and perspective. Ms. Herman’s work Spira provided a jumping-off point for exploration as well as a structure for choreography and improvisation with participants having the opportunity to be both observer and mover.

If you were unable to see the performances live, we have included a photo album and teaser video, courtesy of Heraldo Creative Studio.

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