Nov 2022 – Jan 2023

Hello Friends —

Recently I celebrated two years at the helm of your San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. Saying that the time has flown by would be a drastic understatement. Keep an eye out for a super impressive year-end list of accomplishments sure to dazzle you soon. But in the meantime, I’d like to share with you one the things that I celebrate most here at SLOMA every day.

We have a guestbook near the front desk, one of the most analog things in the museum world today and one of the most delightful. Guests are invited to sign up for our newsletter and encouraged to leave a comment or even a little sketch. Among my favorites are “thank you so much for bringing this show here,” “breathtaking,” and “I can’t believe we have something this good in SLO.” I even love the occasional “I don’t like it.” There is one however that is yet to be topped for me, clearly written in a child’s handwriting: “best day ever!”

I’ve had that exact feeling during a number of visits to other museums over the years, like The Clark on a crisp fall day or an opening night at the Walker Art Center or tea at the Louvre. Museums are uniquely able to connect us with humanity and that can, in fact, make for the “best day ever!”

As we near the year’s end and the season of thanks, I want to say Thank You for your invaluable support in all its forms.


Leann Standish
SLOMA Executive Director

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