Red Cow, c.2000
Accession Number: PC.129
Artist: Nancy Kolliner
Oil on board/panel

Nancy Kolliner is a studio artist who lives in Los Osos.

Says Nancy Kolliner about her work:

“My images usually come from an ‘ah’ moment—staring out a window, driving up the coast, walking the dog—when I see beyond myself or see myself in everything—a moment so beautiful it leaves me breathless.

“I’m a studio artist. I take lots of photographs, tape them to my walls, and live with them. When image and memory merge, I start to work. Early on, I remember seeing the works of Andrew Wyeth. I was struck with the stillness it provoked. Over the years, I have been influenced by Monet, Hopper, Munch, O‘Keefe, Van Gogh and Rothko. I’ll never forget visiting the Storm King in upstate New York and seeing my first Noguchi, or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. Lately, I’ve been in awe of Japanese woodblock prints—the landscapes of Utagawa, Hiroshige and Hokusai.”

Donated by Nancy Kolliner.

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