Point and Counterpoint with Mountain Bluebird and Crested Gloucester Fancy
Accession Number: PC.72
Artist: Douglas Golightly
oil on paper

Contemporary artist Douglas Golightly, academically trained and having painted for more than forty years, exhibits works that have transformed in artistic style, medium, and techniques over time.

Mr. Golightly draws his inspiration from Salvador Dalí and magic realism painters that he studied under at the University of Wisconsin. Mr. Golightly often includes images of birds in his compositions; inspired by two pet Blue Budgerigar parrots he kept in the 1960s. Sometimes spending years, if not decades, on a single piece of work.

Douglas Golightly has a unique style of “magical-realism” in his oil on Formica paintings. His paintings range from figurative to wildlife with works as small as 6 inches to works as large as 7 feet tall.

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