PC.151 Norman Riley Collection
Accession Number: PC.151
Artist: Norman Riley
photograph, various sizes

Norman Riley was born in Munich, Germany in 1954. He currently lives in Bellingham, Washington. Norman Riley’s artwork is also in several museums and collecting institutions, including the Museum of Northwest Art in La Connor, WA, the Portland Art Museum in Portland, OR, the Fernie Museum in Fernie, B.C., the Lyman Museum in Hilo, HI, the North Cascades Institute in Sedro Woolley, WA, and the Department of Special Collections at UC Davis. He has also been juried into a number of prestigious shows, most notable the Anacortes Arts Festival’s Fine Arts Show in 2015 and 2017, the Clymer Museum in 2015, and in the same year was artist-in-residence at Glacier National Park. Work from that residency was exhibited at the Hockaday Museum of Art in Kalispell, MT and at the Jansen Art Center in Lynden, WA later that year. His artwork has been published in various magazines and journals.

“The photographs in this collection span the period from 1986 to 2011. Most were made in 2007 or later, and with respect to that majority, all were made against the same background (a small piece of sheet rubber that I modify from time to time using paints, brushes, and other tools at my disposal), all are relatively simple in that they comprise relatively few elements, and nearly all combine pieces scrap metal with something living or derived from things that once lived. Given these incongruent juxtapositions, it would be fair to state that these pictures are surrealistic in style, but it would be gravely incorrect to suggest that in making these images, I attempt to convey some profound, hidden message to the viewer. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I make these pictures solely because it pleases me to do so. I combine and arrange the components in ways that strike me as harmonious and interesting. I assign no pretentious meaning to these creations: they are not intended to be whimsical or humorous, as some critics have suggested. It is my hope that these images will instead be regarded as artful and will perhaps suggest a suitable command of the medium from which they arise, namely photography, as distinguished from all forms of digital imaging.

I am indebted to the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art for including these images in its permanent collection and I am honored by that high distinction. I dedicate these works to my son Medric and his mother Anne. I love you both.”

-Artist Statement on July 22, 2011

Collection Contents:

1. Andricus kollari (Oak Galls), 2008

2. Anthurium, 2008         

3. Antidorcas marsupialis (Springbok,”Springbok Coral”), 2008     

4. Banksia Seed, 2009       

5. Black Oranges, 2008        

6. Bougies d’allumage, 2009   

7. Calathea Crotalifera (Rattlesnake Flower), 2008           

8. Citrus sinensis (Blood Orange), 2009        

9. Cucurbitaceae & Thamnophis sirtalis (Gourd & Garter Snake), 2011

10. Dried Canna Leaf, 2009      

11. Fan Coral, 2008       

12. Gala Apple, 2007

13. Grapes & Cylinder, 2008       

14. Helianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem Artichoke), 2010

15. Hybrid Onion, 2007

16. Jeweled Onion, 2007

17. Litchi chinensis (Lychee fruit), 2009

18. Lotus Root, 2009

19. Mannequin Repair – Sacramento, CA, 1986     

20. Minneola, 2010

21. Owl’s Feather, 2009

22. Pomegranate, 2008   

23. Propulsor, 2009

24. Pyrus communis (Bosc Pear), 2009

25. Red Bananas, 2009   

26. Rilephone, 2009   

27. Sin Título, 2009

28. Speedometer, 2008

29. Sukienka, 2009

30. Tragelaphus buxtoni (Mountain Nyala), 1986

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