Accession Number: PC.106
Artist: Terry DeLapp
acrylic, 38 x 38 inches

Born in Pasadena in 1934, Terry Delapp studied at Chouinard Art Academy and at UCLA. DeLapp currently lives and works in Cambria, California. He has been exhibiting his paintings since the early 1980s throughout the United States. His paintings can be found at the San Diego Museum of Art, Denver Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art and in many private collections, including those of Steve Martin, Warren Adelson, Nancy Meyers, Brian Grazer, Martin Short, and Andy Williams.

“Originally, my art was meant as a politcal motivator. By the early 1990s, though, and politics aside, I re-thought my commitment to what had become my main concern: the environment, most specificially the area where I lived, the Central Coast of California. I realized how enchanted I was with the beauty of this place, the exquisite patterns and colors formed by nature and man as they vied for space in the agricultural lands between the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.”

“I did away with the subliminal messages and devices of my earlier work and concentrated on work that could, to some degree, match the loveliness of my inspiration. It was, and is, telling the old story in the old way, relying on painterly achievement to best convey my concern for the land and what is on it.” “Although I am primarily a landscape painter, my work is not plein aire, my finished paintings are easel work, stylistically Neo-Tonalist. I work within a confine of classic composition and limited palette using the medium acrylic, in the manner of oil paint; glazing, scumbling, building textures all in a traditional way, hopefully expanding those disciplines to further artistic growth. My work is easily accessible, perhaps even simplistic. It gives beauty a chance.”—Terry DeLapp.

This painting was donated to the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art’s permanent collection by the artist in November 2012.

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