Nov 12 2021–Feb 6 2022


This Fall, the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art is proud to present I’d Tell You If I Could, an exhibition by London-based artist William Brickel. The exhibition will consist of large paintings and works on paper with an array of different mediums including oil paint, charcoal, conté, and watercolor.

The figures in Brickel’s works are partly representations of himself, but are also standalone actors that perform and draw out an emotional distress and catharsis to which we are made witness. Brickel projects his face onto the visage of his subject matter. At once intimately personal and emotionally closed off, each figure is absorbed into the theatricality of their two-dimensional world, as the viewer is cognizant of their emotional intensity. For Brickel, these scenes are representations of his lived experience; each canvas is a window into a state of emotional vulnerability.

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