Jun 3–Aug 1, 2022
Zwia Lipkin, "Loss," textile collage, 2022 (detail). Fabric art featuring a woman shown from behind, looking at ghostly figures walking into the background, possibly alluding to her ancestors


“As a curator who frequently visits artists’ studios, I find that many are in their homes where their most precious possessions are also on display. Their spaces are often filled with work by fellow artists, trinkets, or common objects that have been transformed into keepsakes. Occasionally, artists even hang on their own walls work they created that was never meant for public viewing, but rather an intimate reflection of their own personal practice. The visits and conversations that occur around these objects allow for deeper insights into the artist’s identity and the world they create for themselves.

During my time visiting the studios of members of the Central Coast Craftmakers, I have become more and more curious about the personal nature of craftmaking and the objects’ intimate and relatable origins. The artworks on display in this exhibition were all selected because of the story or intention they hold for the artist, and the living attempt to preserve their own most precious memories. Many pieces even left the interior walls of the artist’s or loved ones’ homes to be displayed here at the Museum. Some were meant to be gifted to children, some meant to commemorate a moment, some even meant to house cremated ashes — what connects all these works together is the unmistakable intention to remember.”

This exhibition is hosted in partnership with the Central Coast Craftmakers.

Written by Courtney Davis, Curator of For the Sake of Keeping

Banner image: Zwia Lipkin, “Loss,” textile collage, 2022 (detail).

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