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White swirling sea creature tentacles through a bluish filter

Art, Climate, and the Ocean is an online panel discussion exploring the role of art in the climate crisis. Featuring Atmospheres Deep artists Courtney Mattison, Christine Wertheim, and Maru Garcia in conversation with Benjamin Ruttenberg, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Coastal Marine Sciences at Cal Poly. The panel was moderated by the exhibition’s Guest Curator Emma Akmakdjian and artist Isabel Beavers.

To view the panel discussion, click on the image above.

Atmospheres Deep is hosted in collaboration with SUPERCOLLIDER and is on view in SLOMA’s Gray Wing through August 1, 2021. “Atmospheres Deep” is a multimedia group exhibition hosted in collaboration with SUPERCOLLIDER. Fifteen featured artists and scientists utilize film, soundscapes, biomaterials, artificial intelligence, modular painting, and collaborative weaving to communicate the resilience of marine biodiversity in the face of our ecological impact. The exhibition delves into the stratified layers of each water column—such as surface tension, branching rivers, tidal, and benthic zones of life—to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all water bodies and is an urgent response to the climate crisis.

Banner Image: Kate Vylet, A Thousand Tentacles, 2017, digital print on aluminum.

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