CCPS Webinar: Northern Lights

Date: November 10 at 7 PM


James Studarus explores the aurora borealis
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This presentation, sponsored by the Central Coast Photographic Society, will introduce you to the fascinating world of northern lights photography and how to best capture this natural phenomenon. Basics of operating the camera will be discussed as well as proper equipment to use. The talk will also go over the northern lights forecast or KP Index, which indicates when strong aurora storms will be visible. Time lapse photography tips will also be shared to expand the possibilities in capturing the aurora.

The second half of the presentation will touch upon areas that are easily accessible in the far north. Seasonal variations will be reviewed to identify best times of year to experience the lights. Alaska, Canada, and Scandinavia will be highlighted as we spin the globe in search of magic. A few travel tips will also be shared to facilitate making the aurora a reality. The information in this talk will greatly increase your ability to experience and capture strong aurora events.

About the Presenter
James Studarus is an avid traveler, nature enthusiast, and photographer residing in Santa Barbara. He was drawn deeper into photography while experiencing the northern lights in Iceland during 2016. Since then, he has won a handful of photography awards capturing peak aurora in Alaska, Canada, and Scandinavia and has become a resource for others curious about seeing the northern lights. He has written articles about his experiences under the lights as well as important information to see peak aurora. He has started taking small groups to experience and capture the aurora borealis in the far north. The goals of his travel, photography, and adventures are to become inspired by beauty, learn about our universe, and thoroughly enjoy life. Learn more about James at

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