Ascending Figure
Accession Number: PS.54
Artist: Robert Livingston Moore
welded steel

Robert Moore, a native Californian, was born in Alhambra in 1936. As an art major at Pasadena City College and Long Beach State College, Mr. Moore graduated with a degree in Drawing & Painting. In a graduate course at Long Beach, Mr. Moore took a class in sculpture with Kenneth Glenn where he learned to weld steel. That experience became the basis for a life long interest in making welded steel sculpture. Mr. Moore developed the popular face chairs he has become known for; the whimsical silhouette sculptures populate many private art collections.

Combining his love for mobiles and experience in designing animated figures on Pasadena Rose Parade floats, Robert Moore came up with an original design for kinetic sculpture: stationary pieces whose moving parts operate through the use of a coil or leaf spring. The end result is a collection of delicate human, animal, and abstract shapes, suspended from a steel base, that gently sway or bob when touched or moved.)

Robert Moore’s artist statement: “There is immediacy when picking pieces of steel randomly scattered about the floor – pieces that suddenly have a relationship to one-another. They fit together as if matched in a womb. In this way, I assemble my sculpture.”

Mr. Moore’s public art commissions include Ascending Figure commissioned by the then San Luis Obispo Art Association. It was dedicated to the memory of Bertha Artindale in 1969.

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