Dec 4, 2021–Mar 14, 2022
Ensemble of soft sculptures by Marrin Lee. A cement-floor gallery with soft sculptures in bright colors hanging from the ceiling. 2 soft sculptures, 1 like a cow and the other like a sea anemone, lie on the floor.


The objects on display in this exhibition are a collection of kinetic creatures that explore a mother’s physical sensitivity to their child’s constant touch. Visitors are invited to interact with the forms, as suggested by adjacent action words. This action is a symbolic provoking of “The Mother,” who in turn reacts dramatically, becoming a spectacle for others to witness. Created by artist Marrin Lee Martinez, each work embodies her feelings in Motherhood; an experience that is both chaotic and magical. She references frenetic energy with bright colors – both attractive and mysterious – giving visuals to some of the most complex emotions a parent feels when caring for their child. Do you dare climb, poke, spin, push, or tug? If you do, please be gentle. We wouldn’t want Mom to freak out!

About the Artist
Marrin Lee Martinez (b. 1989) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working on California’s Central Coast. Through her creative work and community engagement, she is an advocate for maternal mental health. In Motherhood, Marrin has found rhythm in the visual arts. Her work has been shown at several cause-driven events, including Phase One Foundation’s Art vs. Cancer at Various Small Fires in Los Angeles. Marrin earned her Undergraduate Degree from Emerson College, followed by a vibrant career in the Performing Arts. Notably, she has performed at LACMA’s Bing Theatre, internationally with The Walt Disney Company, and taught dance at private studios all over Southern California.

An opening reception will take place on December 2, 2021, from 5–7 PM. Admission is free and open to the public.

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