October 19 - December 9
Radical Art by Noah Erenberg


Noah Erenberg is a self-taught artist, poet, experimenter, colorist, lover of the eccentric and eclectic, and an individual on the autism spectrum. His art reflects his imagination-— creating characters like the Sheep on Stage shown in the banner above, left.

Noah has a unique way of viewing and interacting with the world. One of the most important parts of his life is having the freedom to express himself visually. His favorite people are other artists and musicians. Noah is proud to share his art and it makes him happy to know other people enjoy it. He is looking forward to having his artwork shown in SLOMA’s Gray Wing, hoping that a wider audience recognizes his love of art.

Noah says, “My favorite colors are red, blue, and pink. I like to paint abstract paintings because I like bright colors and crazy shapes. Abstract painting reminds me of hip-hop music. Abstract means from my head.” A self-taught artist, Noah works in an abstract expressionist style and his artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. Having created artwork for over 25 years, Noah is inspired by California’s Central Coast, media images, and rock and roll. It usually takes him about one week to complete one of his drawings or paintings. “I feel peaceful and free when painting,” Noah continues, “Art means everything to me.” Noah has lived all over Southern California, including Topanga Canyon and Isla Vista; he currently lives in San Luis Obispo.

Erenberg is a rock star in the national outsider art scene and lives in San Luis Obispo. He is an active artist member of SLOMA, with his artwork currently in the Museum portfolio bins as well as participating in Art About Town, a partnership for SLOMA artists and SLOMA business members to exhibit artwork in countywide business offices year-round. Radical Art is Erenberg’s first solo show at SLOMA.


The opening public reception to meet the artist is on Friday, October 19 from 5–7 PM. The exhibition ends on December 9, 2018. Banner images (left to right) Sheep on Stage and a selection from Erenberg’s Heart Series.

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