April & May, 2019
Bryn Forbes pop up


Bryn combines photography, mosaics, digital paintings, mathematically-generated art and is perpetually overworking his cameras, his computers, and his CNC routers as tools of artistic exploration.

He prefers more abstract artwork which enables viewers to bring their own interior landscape to the image, leaving room for interpretation. Bryn hopes that you will find, along with him, that art challenges us to open our eyes to the beauty, complexities and simplicities of life in all its dimensions.

Bryn Forbes grew up in San Luis Obispo, then continued his high tech career in the Bay Area and the Research Triangle of North Carolina. Merging his interests, he opened The Bryn Forbes Gallery in the Pearl District of Portland and now has brought his artistry back to San Luis Obispo.

Bryn travels thousands of miles in pursuit of photos looking into eyes of a curious baby humpback whale, or hanging out of the door of an airplane, looking at the eyes of a pilot in a jet fighter cockpit 50 feet away. Not content with still photography, he is working on subtle moving pictures shown on video monitors and more sculptural work.

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